Will Wenger do the honourable thing?

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was suppose to start this post boosting about how my darling Arsenal team, handed me an unforgettable,wonderful  and endow birthday gift by trouncing Man U 2-8 at Old trafford. Scaring shei?…..hahahaha? I actually analyzed this “try and not ever remember game” weeks before the game. I told my colleague who are Man U crazy fans,that they were going to beat us,but creaming us up 8times?its a debacle.I keep asking myself when Mr Wenger will have the courage to stand up and, speak nothing but the whole truth about the Arsenal board.But if he feels he can’t do that,he should stop taking sticks for the board,do the honourable thing “RESIGN”.But as they say Arsene , knows best.A man shoots himself in the foot and still wants to do a sprint with an Hyana”very fuuny”,he would have to be at his very best  to beat a tortoise in a race.Mediocrity will always bring you mortification my dear Mr Knows best.

If Arsene Wenger had any honour, he would resign now. He’s been rewarded enough by the club over the years. If he really cares about Arsenal, he would not cost them any more money. The season might only be three league matches old, but am already looking at 2012-13 now. This one’s a write-off. There is no coming back from this. If a 2-1 defeat to Birmingham City is enough to cause the team to collapse completely, there is no way back for many of these players after this. At least not without a change of manager. And to think Wenger put Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain into the middle of this. Give the kid a break.

And if the manager hasn’t got the decency to step down, the board should use some of the money swilling around in the coffers to pay him off. Change is desperately, desperately needed. The players that are at the club need organising and coaching. A tactician, a motivator, a disciplinarian is needed and if Arsenal can afford to pay the manager £6.5 million a year, they can bet someone in who will do a decent job, even just for the course of this season, which is now about rebuilding confidence in the football team. The attacking side of the team’s game has kept them in the top four in recent seasons, but even that now looks like it’s on the wane. Against a very young United back line, it was actually fill your boots time, but a side concentrated on going forward rather than worrying about what the opposition might do struggled to convert their opportunities.

And remember, this was all without the traditional boo boys of Denilson, Almunia, Eboue, Bendtner and Diaby. Two have been moved on, although we’ve only received any money for one of them. If you are under any illusion Denilson’s coming back, remember his squad number has been given to a teenager. So the Brazilian in the end was not ‘killed’ by an experience signing but another young prospect. I’d rather have had Xabi Alonso three summers back thanks very much. No-one’s foolish enough to take Almunia so he’s on the wage bill for the duration of his contract, and no-one is going to match Bendtner’s wages in a month of Sundays. Diaby isn’t even for sale, as the manager still hasn’t twigged that one yet, although if he were he surely wouldn’t pass any medical worthy of the name.

“Akwa United my home town team from Akwa-Ibom state in Nigeria would have made it more difficult for Manchester United than this,” or words to that effect. And I tend to agree. United were not even actually that good. The point is they didn’t have to be.

We’ve come to the point that it’s like watching a terminally ill patient pass time waiting for the inevitable end. No-one knows when it will come, just that it will. And there’s a horrible atmosphere, knowing recovery is impossible. I do not care about the transfer market, this season is over in that it’s time to start re-building now. Since the Carling Cup Final Arsenal have now won two league matches out of their last 14. Some fans have a fear of relegation, although I can see Arsenal recovering to make the top six, if only because they will win enough games against lesser teams. There is not a cat in hell’s chance of them finishing in the top four with the current manager now that Liverpool have sorted themselves out and invested to shake things up.

Arsenal have been standing still for a long time, and are now in gradual decline. It’s not too late to arrest it, but the first thing that needs to happen is a complete change of manager and coaching staff. I hope the board have got the balls to do it, but I doubt it,the manager has made their accounts fatter . Still, self-sustainability eh? Shame they don’t give out trophies for prudency.

I truly hope our boys would pick themselves up again and come out stronger in our next game.





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