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Knowing one’s self is a lifelong journey and a journey which should be embarked upon with total trust in your personal observations and personal experiences to date. Truth is only known in relation to an individual’s perception of reality. There is only one reality and your personal perception of it constitutes only one of many. However, who is the actual perceiver, “Who are you, really?”

Reflect upon the following considerations to gain an idea of how to view yourself holistically, as a part of reality, as well as to view your awareness as somewhat of a mirror of reality, such that to describe that of which you are aware equates to the truth about an aspect of reality. Knowing yourself means to be oriented in time and space to tap into an energy at the depth of your being which will equip you to fulfill your highest destiny.


  • Recognize that you are a part of reality (i.e. all that exists and happens), and recognize that your words are either true (i.e. an accurate representation of reality) or false (i.e. an inaccurate representation of reality).
  • View knowledge as your awareness of any aspect of reality. View ignorance as your non-awareness of any aspect of reality. View learning as any process which expands your awareness of reality.
  • Ask yourself, what is your presence here the result of, really? Ask yourself, what will be the result of your presence here, really? Aspire to grow physically and mentally to at least perhaps impress yourself, even if others decline to acknowledge your existence, or the virtues in your appearance and performance.
  • Realize that maturity entails knowing who you are, understanding what you want and having the courage to handle your business.
  • Be cognizant that a lot of work of various types is consistently necessary to facilitate the survival and comfort of humanity and allow this awareness to spur you on to be ready and willing to earn your place in the Universe.


  • Never underestimate the importance of thoroughly contemplating the human condition. If you do, you might miss out on great opportunities or you might encounter hardship which you may have otherwise been able to avoid.
  • Do not panic when confronted with mystery or inescapable confusion about an aspect of reality. Rather calmly acknowledge that sometimes satisfactory answers are simply not available for some questions.
  • Continually reflect upon the human condition in an honest and objective frame of mind, but be careful not to allow such reflection to inhibit your ability to fully experience and appreciate your time to live.



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